This weekend brings a slew of cultural events, including Latino performing arts, a prominent NPR political podcast, a symphonic milestone, Hispanic history, jazz, and more.

Meanwhile, moviegoers who wish to enjoy the weather may attend outdoor movies downtown, and music aficionados can enjoy cool jazz and a worthwhile Ukrainian benefit event. A local sports bar holds a perfect pet and animal fundraiser, and a well-known boutique hotel incorporates cocktail courses.

Enjoy the weekend; these are your best bets.

United We Dine is presented by the Alliance.
The Alliance will hold an international cuisine and cultural event to celebrate Houston’s diversity while also showcasing the crucial work the group performs to assist refugees and marginalised members of the community. Food samples will be provided by local eateries, allowing guests to practically travel to the nations and areas. Attendees will also get the opportunity to see live performances by the best performers from diverse cultures from across the world throughout the event. 6 pm.

Arte Publico Press introduces Latino Performing Arts Showcase
Arte Pblico Press is commemorating 40 years of publishing quality in order to promote literacy and reading. The foundation will hold a showcase of Latino performing talents to commemorate its 40th anniversary. This joint endeavour will bring together exceptional artists from the opera, symphony, ballet, and other performing organisations to illustrate the rich influence of Latin-American and Latino cultures. 6:30 pm.

Live NPR Politics Podcast
Following a two-year hiatus, the NPR Politics Podcast returns with a panel of your favourite NPR voices: Ashley Lopez, Asma Khalid, Domenico Montanaro, Susan Davis, and Tamara Keith. This all-star panel will delve into local and national midterm elections, major political events and topics in Texas, and what they can’t get enough of. Join them for a unique behind-the-scenes look at how the podcast is created, as well as an opportunity to ask the pod squad questions. 8 pm.

Fall Art Gallery Celebration is presented by the Houston Art Gallery Association.
Join Foto Relevance and the Houston Art Gallery Association (HAGA) for this city-wide inaugural event over two days. HAGA is made up of Houston’s top art galleries, each having its own individual programming and representing the most exceptional artists from Texas and throughout the world. Enjoy longer hours at several participating galleries across town this weekend. Foto Relevance will be open till late on Friday. The event is free and open to the public. There will be refreshments. 11 am.

The Alley Theatre Company performs Lend Me A Soprano.
Ken Ludwig (The Three Musketeers, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express), America’s best comedy dramatist, premieres a “revision” of his classic hit starring women. Mrs. Lucille Wiley, General Manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, is preparing to welcome world-famous singer Elena Firenzi for her one-night-only leading performance in Carmen in 1934. Until Sunday, October 9. 8 p.m. (2:30 and 7:30 pm).

Juraj Valuha Inaugural Weekend at the Houston Symphony: Requiem by Verdi
Juraj Valuha offers a towering masterpiece by Italian opera maestro Giuseppe Verdi for his first concerts as Music Director Designate. This live performance is stirring and cathartic, enthralling and euphoric, dramatic and deep, traversing a wide emotional arc from burning sorrow and sadness to dazzling joy and ultimate serenity. The Houston Symphony Chorus will perform, as will vocalists Ana Mara Martnez, Marina Prudenskaya, Jonathan Tetelman, and Dmitry Belosselskiy. 8 pm (2:30 pm Sunday)

Jungle Fire is presented by The Rustic.
The Rustic celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with TropiFunk juggernaut Jungle Fire from Los Angeles, for a night of dancing and live music. With a concentration on Afro-Caribbean and West African rhythms, Jungle Fire’s members’ broad musical and cultural origins reflect LA’s distinctive international and multicultural blend of beats, sounds, and flavours. The event is free with an RSVP, but visitors are asked to arrive early because standing room is limited. 8 pm.